Solutions for Wire Bonding Applications


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Our team


Training & Consulting

Started wire bonding once and haven’t stopped so far. There are many exciting topics to discover and burning questions to answer. The answers to some questions can only be obtained by taking the necessary steps yourself and bearing the risk yourself. Our customers appreciate this commitment and therefore let us find solutions to their questions.



His current area of work is the analysis of interface formation on bond contacts. For this, he uses very labor-intensive analysis methods that are still under development. The goal of his work: to better correlate failure mechanisms and reliability of bond contacts with bond quality.


Software & Tools

His specialties are databases and programming. And he is incredibly dedicated and fast at it. Where that helps? In the development of tools for analyzing sensor data from wire bonders. In addition, his work creates software solutions to process wire bonder production data in such a way that insights can be drawn from it.


Wire Bonding Studies

Diligence and perseverance are sometimes a must in wire bonding. Instead of a handful of bonding contacts, he usually has several hundred to several thousand during a bonding parameter study. Here and there, unconventional solutions have to be found to answer exciting questions or finalize projects.


training coordination

There is a good soul in every company. Someone who is always available and provides creative help. This is necessary so that all customers and participants of our trainings feel comfortable with us. In addition, she makes sure that everything is neatly documented and can be found quickly.



New perspectives are needed here and there. Ideas for doing things differently and leaving the beaten track. But also a good sense of how to always show appreciation and gratitude to our customers.